Can you ever try to satiate yourself with an unpalatable fancy Ice Cream? It might sound something weird that how a fancy ice cream can be ‘Tasteless’?

It’s not that easy to resist temptation. Yes! The temptation of having an ice cream might allure you to its core prior having it, but at the same time you feel like being screwed if it doesn’t give you a gratification. The same case is happening with the today’s youth. To be more precise, then I would say that the current state of engineering curriculum is identical to a ‘tasteless fancy ice cream’. You all must be perplexed that why the comparison of a ‘Tasteless fancy ice cream’ has been drawn with the mostly sought programme so called ‘Engineering’.                            

Life undergoes a sea change when school life ends and there comes a time to step into college life, a life where every single youth starts considering him on a Cloud nine. This transitory phase of life teaches us a lot and makes us feel that we are much stronger than before.

A student has to take some very vital decisions to ameliorate his/her career. At this stage, he/she comes under a pressure, and most of us have experienced this, haven’t we? Choosing the right career path becomes the pivotal question of our lives. We meet different people, we talk to them, each one of them comes up with an option of so called professional degree programme ‘B-Tech’ and you start feeling that it’s the right programme for you. Months before you were in the school, enjoying the pampering and carefree days of your life but abruptly the time comes, to care for the days of your life. Your research & exploration stimulates you to take an immediate action and finally you choose a great programme ‘Engineering’; the professional degree which you feel will change your life.

Yes! Your dream comes true. A drastic change is experienced in the life of an ‘Engineer’ that you learn the art of cracking the exam overnight just by studying few hours. Hence, you become the Master of Crisis Management.

So, now what next? Thinking that it really changed your life?

The biggest question that continuously revolves in my mind is- how can a person master the 48 subjects in Engineering? Does this make sense to you? Or can this thing be ever made true? A person cannot master a single subject during his entire life then how can a student master 48 subjects within a span of four years? You can only cram it for scoring marks & passing the exam, but you cannot apply that learning to engineer something.

Friends! Don’t you find this thing very hilarious?  Yes! I know that you all will not be able to digest this fact. This is the reason why today our country is not able to build the real engineers. Today, just like variety of flavored ice creams, we can also see variety of engineers too but the irony is they are just for heck of it and not truly by heart for engineering something. Have we ever given any emphasis to find out the reason in a subtle analytical and creative way?

Actually, one of the core root cause is the pathetic engineering curriculum. A student is not given a platform to follow the subject in which he is really capable to ‘Engineer’ something rather he is made to follow the defined stringent pattern to study all the subjects just for merely taking the high scores. Taking score on piece of paper and getting a recommendation of being an engineer with so called ‘degree’, can only give temporary happiness as a fantasy world but the hard truth is, his future is getting rotten gradually. Such people are the ones who get highly humiliated as they flunk to differentiate between RAM & ROM, they are the ones who cannot install an operating system and they lack the basic fundamentals too. So, can we expect them to do some invention or creation for the betterment of the society? Just imagine! What kind of concern it is becoming for the society. Through this curriculum, the coming generation is going under an adverse impact, as their superficial mind feel engineering just like a fancy ‘Ice-Cream’ and after all who would not love to chew too many sweet cherries of it but it become impossible to digest. The reality is not what we assume rather it is totally different.

So, it is of prime importance that the reason behind this rising problem must be understood at the subtle level.

With my own experience & working I strongly feel that this is one of the biggest reason for unemployment and the social evil, where we are creating engineers without skill. No planning can bring a solution to this rising problem until and unless the strategies are designed to nourish the roots properly. I don’t say that the programme should be limited to one subject rather multiple options should be unveiled in front of the students right from the beginning so that each student can choose the subjects as per his/her personality & inclination and think of mastering one area under engineering.

Hence, it is better to have a simple ice cream rather an ice cream with too much topping, otherwise you too will become a victim of a tasteless fancy ice cream.