Do we actually know what Digital Marketing is????

Today, we all have become a bosom friend with the term ‘Digital Marketing’ as we all are grown up with the internet and mobile phones. Nevertheless, the evolution of the term has roots in 1990’s. It is an effective way to create an effective relationship with the target audience.

Despite of the fact, that ‪#‎DigitalMarketing‬ is in existence since 1990’s, why we all are so interested about it today?…


Technically, it is the Internet marketing that is at its hike. But the fact is, Internet Marketing comprises majorly of digital marketing that is why we use these two terms interchangeably.

Throwing the spotlight on the power of internet marketing; today, with the advancement of the technology, companies are giving up the traditional & conventional method of marketing and using the digital media because digital Marketing is targeted marketing. It is most economical, has global reach with minimum efforts, time saving. Moreover, it does not face any type of constraints.

It is that powerful tool which helps in mobilizing one’s personality and connecting to your respective target audience. Customers can have any information at any place, at any time via computers, laptops or smart phone.

So, is this the sole reason for such a huge digital marketing revolution?

Any business or organization can have access to millions of people through digital/internet media, and can connect with them.

Despite of all the above factors, there exists a core reason that contributes for such a great hike of Digital Marketing i.e. you can have 100% strategic analysis of your marketing deeds. That means you get the opportunity to tap your target market precisely, and then can calculate ROI of your marketing campaigns with the overall performance evaluation. Moreover, you can even quickly measure the customer response rate and can record the behavior of the customer that ‘What they feel about your proposition’. With this, individuals & organizations are going beyond the boundaries and surviving in the competitive market by going ahead of their competitors.

The digital method of communication and marketing are faster, more versatile and strategic. Due to this reason only our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi Ji is focusing so strongly on digitizing the country.

Being into Digital Marketing for such a long period of time. I personally believe that Digital Marketing is pervasive and is such a powerful weapon which can eradicate unemployment up to 90%. Digital marketing is such a mind blowing art that is meant for every single person related to any field running his own venture/or doing job.