Money”, Make “Money”, Make “More Money”. Accumulate wealth& Become Prince of Wealth…..

So, I think every single thing you’re doing is in lieu of money only? You often boast that to earn peace I’m performing my deeds but in reality your sole objective is to maximize wealth only.

Is it that priceless gift which you’ve received from the nature? Can only ‘Money’ make you purchase everything & make the happiest person on this earth?

As we are approaching towards the modern era, we are becoming more materialistic and running away from our reality. This short lived materialism is gearing our life towards the path of making more money. Isn’t? So, what is your opinion on being materialistic?

Today, Money and materialism is becoming one of the most influential forces in this world. We have printed our life on this bloody paper. You ‘morons’ carry the false perception that money can only yield the utmost satisfaction & peace and can give the luxurious life. You may not take an initiative to reveal the truth but you better know yourself that there exists an irony. The more you’re striving hard to excavate money, more you’re spoiling your beautiful gift of nature called ‘life’ than it actually is. Yes, it gives the temporary satisfaction to the people after ditching their family, friends. It is giving you exposure to commit wrong deeds by degrading your spiritual and moral beliefs.

Nature is a huge form of energy (energy that can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed) and we humans are the small energy particles of it. The smallest unit of every particle is atom. An atom consists of nucleus and electrons revolving around it. As per the scientific phenomenon, we know that the electrons carry a negative charge. Likewise we human beings as energy particles carries its own energy field or magnetic field that either attracts other particle or gets attracted towards other particle. This is what we called an ‘aura’ of any object or a person.

So, in this nature, whenever we encounter any influential personality we often get tempted to imitate them. We always want either ‘We should start following an iconic personality or we expect others to follow us’. This implies that the one with higher plane or higher aura can easily catch attraction of the one at lower plane or low aura.

For better understanding of the term ‘Aura’ let’s pick an example of a Social Worker. An honest social worker always pays heed to the grievances of his people and provides remedies for their problem. People think that Yes! He’s is the only one who can work for the sake of our upliftment. So, here the transformation of energy is taking place between him and his people and their respective auras are being manifested. Gradually everyone starts believing him and every energy gets inclined towards his energy. Gradually, this pushes the aura of a person towards a higher plane thus creating a strong self magnetic field of the social worker that carries the potential to drive the people. Scientifically, this justifies the fact, the influence of one person on another, and how the aura of a person governs the objects surrounding him.

Similarly, money is the centre of attraction. It is at such a higher plane where it is acting as a powerful agent to drive us. The fact is, in this mundane world the energies with which we are surrounded are acquired or achieved using money. That means money is playing the role of a core agent to acquire the same. But the problem that lies is; the energies that we want to acquire and are surrounded in this world are short lived & materialistic and they are already at higher entropy i.e. unstable and not capable of taking you to the blissful state.

You must be wandering, why they carry such higher entropy? Is nature responsible for this? Of course! Not.

Nature has given everything to us in the state of harmony. Even after the birth of an individual, newly born baby remains in the blissful state connected to divine energy. It is only we individuals who desire and realize the need of materialistic energies because we love a spacious home and expensive delicacies. We want to enjoy a carefree and luxurious lifestyle that seems to be the addiction of this era. In addition, we are working so hard to earn more income for the purpose of buying the branded energies. For instance ‘Car’, today, if we desire to drive a Sedan then tomorrow developing stronger desire we will definitely want to own a SUV and for the fulfillment of every single desire our logical mind is always ready to run after money. In this way, our desire keeps on multiplying to acquire these high entropy energies. As human being is the creator of all theses materialistic energies or objects that is why these energies carry high entropy because the desires of its creator are endless. And all these energies are driven by money itself.

If these energies itself being at such higher entropy are driven by money .So, can you imagine the entropy of its master which is “Money”? At what entropy this non-living thing ‘Money’ lies?

Money is completely blowing our mind indirectly like a black hole. It is throwing us in the vicious trap because our desires are also vicious. Humans are never going put a stop on these endless desires. And the control of these desires lies with money. Being a non-living thing it has that high strong aura that we human beings as energy particles get attracted towards it. We are penalized with money, rewarded with money, doing murder for money, taking revenge for money, going against the nature for money, involving in the wrong deeds for money, completely altering our personality for money, even ready to sell out ourselves to avail money and what not ?. Even it can transform a beggar into a king and a king into a beggar. It means that this non- living object carries such a high potential to drive the human life completely, and it is driving. Rather, it is making us to sustain a dual face life and we’re going crazy to acquire it. It is creating our fake identity in this world. We think if we’ll possess money our life will have a price. It’s very humorous that we are scurrying to own this world but money already owns every single living thing in this earth because of us only.

Due to this reason, Money’s aura has epidemically risen and has started hypnotizing the people too. In this digital age, young aspirants are heading for the ‘startup’ stating that it is for the fulfillment of a great vision but in majority of cases it is just to make money. Moreover, to some people their aura has stopped inculcating the respect and moral values within themselves. You are completely forgetting yourself.

So, it is futile to run after it as it can bring only those energies which already posses high entropy. It only puts us in its pool of aura which is already vicious; reason- desires being endless and money’s aura so high. So, in order to not to get fastened into this trap, we need to realize the fact that money is just the master of all the vicious energies, and cannot control the nature energy. We easily get attracted towards it because, we lack intense thought process. That thought process comes from aura & vision. And our strong aura can be inculcated if we possess strong will power to work & operate in harmony with nature.

So, are you still concerned in making more ‘Money’? Now, have introspection & ask yourself what money can buy for you- Peace or Luxury?

However, it does not mean that we should stop earning money. As we all know, to sustain our life and to earn our livelihood an individual needs money only. Even, a kid, unemployed person requires money to fulfill his basic needs. So,’ Money is important’ as it has general acceptability. But what I mean is it cannot get all the things to us. Needless to say, it is important for few things but not for everything. So, it is worthless to run after it. If we chase it we end up making money as our master and giving our command in the hands of money. Scientifically, if you run after money it will never come to you because you will also acquire the similar charge carried by money and as you know the basic law of science that similar charges repel each other, money will never going to fall in your hand.

So, can you ever think or imagine a scenario where the aura of the money is getting attracted to your aura? Is it possible that money starts chasing you?

Yes! It is possible! Your aura can become stronger than the aura of the money. This is only possible when you compliment your own personality and do which you truly love to do in your life rather than doing anything just because it will give you good and immediate return. This is the time when your frequency gets in resonance with the nature’s frequency and you are in the perfect state of harmony. At such a point nature’s energy will going to support you, and you will ultimately take over the aura of the money because nature is at the highest energy plane and is responsible for building the aura of each n every single object in this universe. But remember one thing that getting in sync with the nature’s energy requires you to think from your intuitive brain (right brain) and not from your logical brain. While you will start operating from your intuitive brain you will going to get lot of resistance from your society that you need to overcome, and this is the highly scientific evaluation criteria of nature to test every single individual who desires to be a noble personality. Once you get through this test of nature you will realize that money & all the fame will start falling in front of you. ‘Money will start chasing you’. Let’s take an example of Steven Paul Jobs (CEO Apple Inc). His biological parents left him; he was dropped out in high school and couldn’t study because his parents had no money. But he had a vision to achieve something in life. He invented ‘Apple’ because he wanted to invent that phenomenal technology that can make the people crazy and not with the intention to earn money. Whatever he did, he just loved to do it. And today,’ Apple’ worth more than Rs.12, 000 Cr, capable enough to purchase the economy of a developing country. Imagine, being a single firm, it is likely to exceed the Gross Domestic Product of our country. This could only be possible because he thought differently with a vision to ‘achieve’ something great. Finally, his work complimented the nature’s harmony and he founded himself under the veil of wealth making his aura stronger than money. So, money will only come to you when you’ll realize your potential i.e. at what you are good at and start working on it.