Sister is like a Candle and Brother is its manifestation – Raksha Bandhan Special.

Today, all our countrymen are celebrating one of the deepest and sacred festivals of Raksha Bandhan i.e. – The eternal bond of love between a brother and a sister.

History has evidences that feminine has always proved to be a robust power in exalting a man. She possesses the innate power to beautify all the relationships that exists in our society.

Life events do change the dynamics of the sibling relationship but a sacred relationship is never quantified with the effluence of blood in human nerves. The right chords of any relationship are played from the heart and soul. And ‘Sister’ is the true example of it; that with her own hard work, will, conviction & true love she remains ready to sacrifice everything just to make her brother outshine.

Sister is a beautiful gift of a nature to the ‘Brothers’ whose essence cannot be described in words. The immense gratitude and respect for this feminine power can be best reflected in our inability to find the right words to thank them.

Have a flashback and you’ll realize that ‘Sister’ has relentlessly contributed a lot for her ‘Hero Brother’.