Selfie! Selfie! Selfie…… (Selfie ki Diwangi)….

Aren’t you happy inside? Then why do you forcibly smile at the smart phone hanging in the air….
(Selfie- Just making you selfish)…..

“Hey, wait! Let’s take a selfie- ‘Cheese’. Does, this happen with you too? Are you so tormented by your family and friends OR in a deep isolation that you do not find anyone to take your single snap? Then, better go and jerk yourself…..

Selfie is fun loving but today the youth has made it as a part of their routine. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: taking selfies and being told you’re “special” has spoiled your poor, young adult brain.

Even, the teenagers now are so concerned about their fake physical appearance and have become insane to click different types of poses. Selfies today has become so epidemic that youth is not ready to spare even washrooms, bathroom without taking the selfies. Parents can boast off that my son/daughter is A1 in making “six” different faces while taking the selfie. And that blows your mind if through social media you gain ample number of likes and comments. It gives you more satisfaction and happiness than anything else. Rather, it has become a competition to click number of selfies in a day. The day will come, when you’ll have your identity just by looking at your body parts (good eyes, rosy lips and much more). But the thing which surprises me a lot is -very often, in the social media along with the selfies you would come across the caption-

Just look at the height of craziness in today’s generation.

*Selfie-Celebrating! My first Raksha Bandhan with my “Husband”.
*Selfie- Feeling awesome at Shivaji Airport.
* Selfie- Feeling Cool! Dating with my fifth boyfriend.
*Selfie-Feeling Sad! In the Hospital!!…..
*Selfie- Feeling Great! After learning Guitar….

Just stop!!…You’re the most dipstick creature on this planet.

Do you know that selfie addiction sometimes make people do wild things and go over the edge?

This selfie culture has enveloped people of all the ages in the world of fantasies. You are so obsessed with the modern gadgets that you’ve started pretending yourself to be a celebrity or a sports star thus giving thyself a narcissistic personality disorder. Due to this reason, today the companies are finding themselves in a boom period. The big companies are launching ‘n’ numbers of new smart phones in the market and their marketing model completely relies in showcasing the selfies. The products are so designed to help you in increasing your short lived fake beauty. What is this? Will you become the most “wanted person” in the country, if you catch the attraction of the others. Recall the time- how upset you become when you do not receive a single like or comment in your photograph. The fact is you’re not ready to accept the reality. You just want to pretend and show off the things. This of the reason, the companies today are playing with you as if taking selfies is the sole objective of your life.

The prime goal of our life should not be to have just mundane selfie what we keep on doing this is just showcasing our minds and blurring the reality in front of us. People take selfies simply because they lack personal qualities and want to get rid of their reality. Also, it is true that this weird behavior of taking selfie had led to many deaths. It has become viral among both the genders intended to create a flattery image of the person.

I think occasional selfies are acceptable but taking selfie hour after hour isn’t necessary. Although, the term ‘selfie’ existed in the 90’s but it didn’t had that much fame. It got exposure in the year 2012. So, whenever I recall my priceless school/college days my cheeks blossom with smile and I realize that we never realized the necessity of the digi-cams or smart phones to capture the memories. Those memories are unfadable and still cherish in my mind. This is what I call the real selfie which throughout my life will remain captured in my mind and not in my smart phone.

In fact, we must approach for the spiritual selfie. Spiritual selfie do not require any cameras. It means- knowing thyself .i.e. who you are? The birth of every single individual has taken place to meet some objectives of the life. So, we should realize for what purpose you’ve been sent on this earth. If we strive hard and start taking the spiritual selfie then we can truly justify our existence. This spiritual selfie can really put us in the deep peace and satisfaction.

Mundane Selfie is perishable & it is just hampering our personal, social and professional life, putting us in distress &making us self-centered whereas Spiritual Selfie Reveals Our True Picture. They are the memories which can be stored in the minds of the people too.