You brag that- you’re pursuing MBA (Master of Business Administration) but Alas! There is an irony, when you’ll be introduced to the verity you’ll learn that you are pursuing <<Master of BAD ADVICES>> Yes, you are…

Today, youth has made a trend to seek the MBA soon after graduation degree as if all of them will boost their career after obtaining this versatile degree only. Thus, it is an illusion created by a stupid mind following the people without using his brain. I wonder- Are such people really equipped with those required managerial skills? If it is so, then definitely you are bound to inflate the development of the country rapidly….

Today, the MBA colleges have been drastically spread like stray dogs at every corner. Have you ever mused yourself into the mirror? Just ask yourself – Does this career compliment my personality? I can bank upon the fact that not all of you will get a Big Yeses!!

You go for an interview along with the prestigious (Master of Business Administration) degree which in actuality is Master of Bad advices… accept the reality, at a times you even fail to utter your name vividly. You become numb and start leaking when asked to present something in front of the masses. At such point of time you realize your fake enormous depth and you try to become an escapist.

Most of you and even MBA’s will fail to differentiate between Marketing & Sales…So, still planning to boost your career through MBA? Ohhhk! Yes, now I remember….. Your bloody Specialization in HR, Finance, Marketing n bla bla. What about finance specialization, It is giving me a Goosebumps now…

How can an organization hand over its financial control in such careless hands when you cannot managenumbers properly.…… such people are accountable for increasing the unemployment rate in a country. Therefore, when such people own the degree then it is called Master of BAD ADVICES…..

Look, I don’t say that the degree is spurious. What I actually mean is – everybody has his/her own personality trait. One may be good at managing the things but you may not. But you know better who you are and which career can compliment your personality at the best. Why do you follow others?

I urge each and every single youth- stop doing the things in lieu of the society. Stop playing with this priceless gift of nature which you call ‘life’. The beauty lies in your personality. Such impromptu decisions will only bring negativity in your life… And again you will become the victim of MBA (More Bad Advices).

Have introspection- blossom and be a….
MBA (Me Before Anyone)

Remember, Success is when your signature becomes your autograph…