Life is like a Snooker !

The Snooker table as a whole represents the life cycle of a human being. The balls on the table are the human beings, out of which red being the common man (Aam Aadmi), yellow/green/blue represents any person who stands out from the mob & has achieved something in his life with time, the black one also belongs to the same lobby where yellow/other color balls are lying with a little difference i.e. black ball is bit at a higher level as compare to yellow/other colors and finally the white one being the enlightened person(soul) thinks beyond time and is having the master control to make everyone revolve around him. The best part is that, snooker is the perfect representation of human life because life span of every ball has to come to an end like any human being, but there is a huge difference between their ending; where all the balls end up in darkness, there is only the white ball that ends up in light(glowing forever).

The man who holds the stick is like any external agent that will try to amuse you with mouth watering offerings and the ball who gets amuse, immediately ends up his life span is a dark hole. Few of the red balls who are bit more determined sustain for a while but finally they also end us in a hole. Other color balls operating at little bit higher frequency comes in a queue after the comman man(the red ball) and finally they also end up their life in a dark hole. On the other hand the white ball is inert in its own nature, governing every other ball at a very subtle level. Even the inertness of the white ball can be justified from the fact that man holding the stick never tries to amuse the white ball, rather it goes in synchronisation with it, and by mistake if he amuses the white ball then he is liable for a penalty with a negative point and thereafter he himself takes the white ball out of the dark hole and brings it onto the table.

Slowly-n-slowly life cycle of all the balls swinging on the table comes to an end by settling down in a dark hole and the life cycle of white ball also comes to an end, but it remain on the top of table within light just like any pure & enlightened soul that is remembered for thousands of years.

Therefore, if you really want to master the art of playing snooker then try to be the White Ball.