Amidst, in this fast moving world everyone is in a hurry. The ongoing inventions are unveiling lucrative opportunities where every single person is striving hard to grab it and to take a badge of ‘success’. Right from dawn when you get up from the bed, the work chart starts bloating in the mind and during the onset of the night you start calculating how much effort you made. Eventually, in this race of competition everyone is trying hard to make a good fortune. Today, the only single thing that constantly strikes in one’s mind is to be a ‘SUCCESSFUL’ person.   

It’s the natural tendency of a human being, when they hear any success story, they start weaving the success tale of their own. When they encounter any influential personality, then they start day dreaming and building castles in the air.

But does everyone get successful? I can bet, majority of us will spontaneously say a big ‘NO’. We are in a hurry to get successful, we feel dejected when things don’t happen in the way as expected and planned. We remain scared of being left behind. The biggest irony is; majority of people running for the success don’t know what it is and how to achieve the same.

One needs to have the core understanding of success first and then move onto the next step to analyze and finally move towards its realization. On being asked, people often say, success means; to be a business tycoon, enjoying the luxurious life or when they are happy & well contented with the wealth they have accumulated. Many a times, when we ask people that are they looking for the ‘Social Success’ or ‘Self Success’, they proclaim that they want ‘self success’. Just think it over!! Are you really striving & working to get Social Success or Self Success?

When the things are discoursed and understood at subtle level then we realize that our day to day actions are executed in lieu of so called ‘Social Success’ only and not the ‘Self Success’. Just imagine the state of mind of people trying hard to be in the eyes of public. Their actions are deliberately done to maximize their social success. Isn’t it true?

On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima which is the first full moon night after summer solstice, and according to the Hindu mythology it is the day celebrated to commemorate and pay revere to the Gurus and teachers all across the world.

The word ‘Guru’ holds a very profound meaning in itself – ‘Gu’ means Ignorance or darkness and ‘Ru’ means Removal of darkness or ignorance. Hence, this is the actual role played by a ‘True Guru’ in everyone’s life. Everyone needs a ‘centre’ and a source in order to realize the dimensions of success and this ‘centre’ could be the one which has the power to praise you, criticize and reject your work. He will be the one to put in a comfort zone, make you feel happy both at good and bad times of life. Sometimes, to test you he will throw you in a struggling world. But in every aspect of life, irrespective of what the situation would be, True Guru is the one who will going to act as a strong pillar & backbone to an individual and will give a path & light to reach the dimension of Social Success & Self Success.

Whether one acknowledges or not, for every single milestone achievement there is Guru, directly or in-directly acting as your source and the ones who realizes Guru’s presence & importance are the most blessed ones. They are the ones who carry the maximum charm and probability to touch the altitude of both social and self success.

The way, the full moon carries the lust and vibrancy, which makes a person feel overwhelmed. In the same way, Guru personifies a full moon who gives an opportunity to do wonders by enlightening with his lust and vibrancy. Thus, realizing the importance & presence of Guru from heart and soul is very important.

So, if you have still not found your Guru then continue to work consciously & keeping looking. Your conscious working and utmost desire will help you to find him thyself. The day you will find True Guru, that will mark a turning point of your life.

Do not settle! Find your ‘Centre’ who carries the enormous divine power to put you in a blissful state forever.  This sacred relationship of a disciple (student) and a Guru (Teacher or Master) cannot be described in words. He is responsible for imparting knowledge and illuminating our lives with wisdom.