This Diwali let’s light a new life

A week before Diwali, keep your car/bike stocked with small boxes of Mithai, eatables or any other useful items that comes in day to day use.

Gift them to the needy poor people who sleeps on the foothpath empty stomach, the rickshaw wala, the old cobbler who sits under a tree in your neighbourhood, the kids who sell toys/balloons at traffic signals, the ragpickers who travel barefoot for the whole day, kids from the labour camp, the lady who sits at the street side with a wicker basket of fresh vegetables, the people who collect your trash… smile and wish them a very happy Diwali by offering some useful items.

The smile that lights up their faces at your unexpected gesture is more illuminating than a 1000 electric lamps!!

So, Let’s take a pledge -This Diwali, light a life!!