Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti- 2nd October’2016

Gandhi Jayanti is the big festival in India observed on 2nd of October as the birth anniversary of great national leader Mahatma Gandhi. It is an eventful day celebrated by holding prayer meetings and paying homage in front of the Statues of Mahatma Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation”.The day is also celebrated as International Non-Violence Day. Mahatma Gandhi was a great person who struggled a lot and played a significant role in the achievement of freedom for India from British rule. He not only pioneered the unique method of non-violence to get freedom for India against British rule but also proved the world that freedom can be achieved peacefully through the path of non-violence. He is still remembered among us as the symbol of peace and truth.

Let us on this sacred day dedicate ourselves to non-violence both in thoughts and deeds for the welfare of the mankind. May the teachings of Gandhi live on and get deep-rooted.