Calling yourself as an Entrepreneur is becoming more a Trend…!

Today, we have become a bosom friend with the term ‘Entrepreneur’. Forget about the intellectually sound grownups, even the callow adolescents could end up accosting themselves as an ‘Entrepreneur’.  It has much become like a fancy dress competition of small kids where a person is freely allowed to get into just to become the center of attraction of the hordes. This is the reason, why everyone today is striving hard to fit themselves under the attire of so called ‘Entrepreneurship’. 

Till date, what all little we could have known after the profound exploration of the different books and the background of the ‘True Entrepreneurs’ is that, they do not have to bag any specific qualification or for better understandability, we can say that an ‘Entrepreneur’ does not require to hold any mandatory academic credentials for the execution of his job alike any other profession. Hence, ‘Calling Entrepreneur these days is becoming more a trend’ and people loves to walk with the tag of Entrepreneur.

Amidst the ongoing digital revolution in the world, the startup era seems to have taken birth since every passing day. The ‘Make-In-India’ project and ‘Stand-up-India’ project initiated by our Prime Minister in the year 2015, has given birth to the more and more number of startups at every nook and corner of the country. This proves that the inclination of the youth towards the entrepreneurial career has emerged at a rapid pace; That’s Great! and the one who are running such startups are often read as ‘Entrepreneurs’.  But unfortunately, at the end of the day, we cannot ignore the real truth and facts & figures that come our way; Majority of the startups have suffered a huge loss and are still on a verge of collapse. Hence, such people (Entrepreneurs) after landing up in the state of frustrations and failure bid adieu to the entrepreneurship and remain stuck up in finding out the core issue of this bubble without analyzing & realizing their own mistakes. 

Now, the question that keeps on revolving in the minds of people is- Who can be regarded as a True Entrepreneur? What it takes to be on the right track of Entrepreneurship? What qualities one must possess to be called as a True Entrepreneur?

It is often seen that the human mind has the tendency to easily gain attraction to the lustrous things available nearby. When we talk about any lucrative job option or any bewitching opportunity, it calls for the immediate action. At such point of time, the decisions are taken more in a fascination and not by listening to our heart which later tends to bring the haywire situation in our lives. The reason why such people calling themselves as an entrepreneur flunk at their decision because they do not penetrate into the depth nor do they understand the intricacies to run a successful venture. Hence, they remain deprive of the right connect, required to function it.

After all how many of us actually do the things following our passion? Well! Very few. When things are done in fascination and not by heart, a constant fear or threat of something incognizant, created by us, shatter the roots of human beings and eat away our rational minds. We keep on believing only in what has been showcased and not what a pragmatic mind can anticipate. Calling yourself as an Entrepreneur will never going to put you on the zenith of success. If you really aspire to be ‘A True Entrepreneur’ then there must be a vision and passion to manifest that vision, after which people will start acknowledging you as a great Entrepreneur. And to be a successful, the quality that is highly required in you, is a right call from your heart and soul. 

‘True Entrepreneur’. Finally, what instantly clicks into your mind? Wealth, fame, recognition, power or following your passion? After all, Choice is yours.