Author: Ujjwal Chugh

What is life???

Life is a paradox. When there is joy it may be followed by sorrow. When there is hope, despair seems to be around the corner. When success seems to be within reach, failure dashes all hope. But there is no need to give up. For life is also resilient. Japan rose from the ashes of […]


Selfie! Selfie! Selfie…… (Selfie ki Diwangi)…. Aren’t you happy inside? Then why do you forcibly smile at the smart phone hanging in the air…. (Selfie- Just making you selfish)….. “Hey, wait! Let’s take a selfie- ‘Cheese’. Does, this happen with you too? Are you so tormented by your family and friends OR in a deep […]


Money”, Make “Money”, Make “More Money”. Accumulate wealth& Become Prince of Wealth….. So, I think every single thing you’re doing is in lieu of money only? You often boast that to earn peace I’m performing my deeds but in reality your sole objective is to maximize wealth only. Is it that priceless gift which you’ve […]

FAIL – Fine And Intuitive Leader

The moment we come across the word ‘failure’ we all human being start ululating. The reasons why the word ‘FAIL’ is pestering us- because we get spontaneous reaction from our brain that-Ohh! I lost… I’m a big loser. I’m not a right person for this task. I can’t do this anymore. I should give it […]